Thursday, September 10, 2009



Quick camera access

Slide the active lens cover open and use the dedicated camera buttons to get perfect pictures in a flash.
Auto focus
Picture blogging
Xenon flash
Digital Zoom
Video record
Video streaming
Video stabiliser
Video Clip
Red-eye reduction
Picture wallpaper
Wallpaper animation

Stunning shots

The 5-megapixel camera gives you stunning shots. And in the dark, you still get accurate colour reproduction. Just use the built-in Xenon flash.

Extend a device’s memory with the smallest memory card on the market, Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™). Adaptors are available if you want to use with Memory Stick PRO-compatible products.

Video blogging
Catch those special moments - and share them. Every time you shoot a video clip, you can upload it to your personal Web site for all to see.

Perfect timing
Put an end to mistimed photos. BestPic™ gives you nine chances to capture the precise moment you want. As well as your shot, Cyber-shot™ phones take four images as you press the button, and another four afterwards. Pick the one you want, bin the rest.

Automatic light and colour balance
Bright lights or dark shadows tend to make it hard to get that perfect shot. With Smart Contrast, your problems are solved. The camera automatically compensates for light and dark contrasts in your photo.

Light when you need it
Throw a little light on the subject with xenon flash. It emits a burst of high-intensity light at just the right moment, allowing you to shoot well-lit pictures indoors or in low-light conditions.


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